An early Xmas present you can open!

Well winter has arrived and plenty of rain and wind as well, even horizontal sleet hereabouts. For those who already are dreaming of balmy breezes, sunshine and waves here is the 2022 present you really wanted, the New Season Firefly Open meeting and events calendar. If this was a bakery, the newly baked aroma of fresh bread would hit you!

The Class has a fulsome list of team racing, open meetings, accompanying socials, 24 hr racing and race weeks not forgetting our Inland and National Championships. Something for every Firefly helm or crew to savour. So plot the dates in your electronic diary, wall planner or post it note and think ahead for accommodation as the UK resorts will be busy again next year during the holidays!

Now back to those pre Christmas activities and hoping for a new tin of varnish and some good brushes amongst the pressies…