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Price update and delivery of new sails for Nationals 2019

Firefly sail prices went up on the 1st March 2018 and remain the same for the time being. However we will need to review the current prices shortly due to exchange rate changes but I will endeavour to keep prices the same  for all sails ordered in time for this year’s Nationals.  NFA members continue to receive 15% discount on air freight delivery and 25% on sea freight when ordering sails through the Association.

As usual Hydes will make every effort to deliver late orders for new sails for the Nationals but advise that you get your orders in before the end of May for air freight delivery in July.

10th March 2019

Racing Sails

Updated 1st March 2018

As you might know, NFA members are entitled to a discount on new sails from Hyde.

The following details the prices when bought as a suit or main and jib separately.
As a NFA member you qualify for a generous discount.
Standard delivery is 4 to 6 weeks air freight and 16 weeks sea freight.
The prices include, VAT and delivery @ £47.00 and the sails are supplied with batons, tell tales, sail numbers and a bag with the main. You can choose from black, red or blue sail numbers.
If you want a separate jib bag the cost is an extra £20.00.

Full suit of Racing Spec Firefly Sails
1 X Main with Window and Sail Numbers.
1 X Jib with Window
Standard 4/6 weeks air freight delivery on a suit £619.19
Sea freight 16 weeks delivery on a suit £552.20

Racing Spec Main Sail
1 X Main with Window and Sail Numbers.
Standard air freight delivery on Main £421.02
Sea freight delivery on Main £377.00

Racing Spec Jib
1 X Jib with Window
Standard air freight delivery on jib £245.17
Sea freight delivery on jib £222.20

School Spec Sails

Hyde can also supply the heavier 6.03 oz cloth ‘school spec’ sails. These are now legal for class racing. To obtain the NFA discount your institution needs to be a corporate member of the association  and order as below. The Currently a set of sea freight delivery NFA ‘school spec’ sails costs £489.00  incl delivery with the  Sevenoaks spec sails coming in at £570.00 incl. delivery For full price list and options on School Spec. and Sevenoaks spec.  sails please contact Tony Thresher the NFA sails rep.

How to Order Firefly Sails

Please follow the following steps to order Firefly Sails through the NFA:

1) Transfer the money via Internet banking to the following account:

Account Name: National Firefly Association
Sort Code: 20-32-06
Account Number: 10069906

When making the transfer detail the REFERENCE as SAILS with your SURNAME following.

2) Email the following information to

A. Sail Number.
B. Colour of sail numbers (Black, Blue or Red).
C. Delivery Address.
D. Any other information.

If you have any questions please email the NFA Hyde Sails Rep. or telephone 07729 104117.