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    Richard White

    I see from the pictures taken at Rutland S.C. last weekend. Several of the boats were racing with sails made by sail makers other than Hyde. I assume it is okay to have a suit of sails made by any loft and still be race legal. Now the rules include School Spec. Sails…



    The Sails must conform with the class rules (if they are to be used for racing)
    You can put anything you like up if cruising or racing in a Non NFA /RYA event or if there are special rules applied to an event. (eg. The Bantam Cock (Junior)trophy at Itchenor used to be sailed (and was originally presented for) reduced rig fireflies.

    For standard racing and NFA events the sails mst be made by a licenced sailmaker. So far as I am aware this means the licenced sailmaker (ie: Hydes Sails.)

    Page 22 in the class rules.

    Quote also from the Technical Pages on this site:
    To keep the one design, Fireflies have only one sail maker this keeps the costs down and everyone on the same performance. So if you buy a new suit of sails you know that your sails are identical to the fastest boat in the fleet.
    The maker is Hyde’s the best place to buy them is through the National Firefly Association as this will save you money and also generate money for the National Firefly Association. Delivery is the same if ordered direct from Hydes. If you are a member of the NFA you get a further £15 discount! To buy sails through the NFA at a discount, contact Will Mason.


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    Richard White

    Hi Michael
    In several pictures of the Firefly inlands. Several boats could be seen using sails other than Hyde.
    I have obtained several quotes for sails in a superior cloth by sail makers. Most are over£100 cheaper even after any discount.
    And made in the UK..



    There were a few club boats, mostly with ancient Hyde mains and replica jibs. All were team racing spec boats with heavy reefable sails, and had no chance in the overall classification. They had lots of junior members on them who wanted to make up numbers and experience a large open event. Non were eligible to win.
    It allowed us to generate interest to get many more boats on the water, including crews for visiting boats, and rib support that was greatly appreciated by all.
    Agreement had been sought prior to the event about getting as many club boats on the water as we could.
    Had any of the boats had higher quality sails made to a different shape, such as the lovely P and B jibs they have at WK they would not have raced.
    All competitive boats at Rutland are fully class legal.
    I hope this clears things up.


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