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    Having seen the note on our FaceBook section and after reading David Henshall’s article published on Yachts and Yachting’s website (12 July) about this on-line auction, NFA Boat Register and our friends have checked down the 400 or so catalogue entries for this auction, selling off a collection of dinghies and traditional ethnic craft on behalf of a museum, sadly now in the hands of administrators.

    So far, we have found two Fireflies listed, Lot 317, F2451 and Lot 428, F3357, both seemingly stored in Eyemouth, Scotland. From the limited detail set out in the auctioneer’s on-line catalogue, and from what Boat Register knows of these boats, it seems likely that these quoted sail numbers might not be correct. So – if you are interested in making a bid, Boat Register commends first making enquiries of the auctioneers to be really sure of the identity of the Fireflies.

    However, we do understand that the on-line catalogue is being reviewed so perhaps any errors will be amended.

    Also, it seems that each lot has a reserve (not specified) and bids already placed on some boats so far have been declined as being below the reserve; however, to close a sale by the final day, should the auctioneers choose to suddenly lower the reserve to match the best bid, then whoever placed that offer will be under a contract to see the deal through, and also pay the premiums, plus VAT!

    And as EBay and Apollo Duck is always reminding us – remember “caveat emptor!”

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