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    Phil Sheppard

    Regards rule D3 Hull Shell /D3.2e Construction.

    The old rule(2003?) was very clear on the tiller port width/height etc….even the maximum drain hole size was stated.

    Does the the 2012 rule now allow woodies the same style transom as the Rondar (not the tank) With no diamensions listed do you need transom? apart from the obvious rudder issue!

    Having managed to rip the top of my transom at the weekend, I was hoping to scollop from the bottom of the tiller port up to just inside(100/150mm) of the side decks (MK2) thus saving me the expense and time of replacing the whole transom.


    Andy Reilly

    Hi, I have no idea what the answer to the question is but it would be great if there was a bit more styling freedom in the transom shape of the wooden boats.
    It is not going to make any real difference to the speed of the boats but it would update the image a bit.


    Andy Reilly


    Tim Thornton

    The cut out dimensions are still there in D8.2.



    Cheers Tim.

    Didnt look that far down!!

    New transom it is then!


    Tim Thornton

    Looking at the rules, the hole size is given with respect to the sheerline, but there is no definition of sheerline in the rules.
    Should it be:
    a) The point where the hull meets the sidedecks, joined by a straight line, so if there is a bit of a curve in the top of the transom it lies above the sheerline

    b) The level of the top of the transom

    My feeling is that it is the first, but I want to make sure the hole I cut is not too large!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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