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    Josh Richardson

    Do we have to have hanks on the jib under class rules? I can’t see anything about them in the rules and I don’t see any point in them seeing as rig tension is controlled by the jib halyard so the forestay is always loose. Advise welcome.


    Tony Thresher

    You dont have to have them as far as I understand. Not sure if you can specify new sails without but they are easily removed.



    I suspect that our Tech Sec may have something to say on this subject because he has a bit of a bee in his bonnet about it. I have been berated by Guy on a number of occasions for removing the hanks on my jib. Guy’s argument is that the sails have to be used “as supplied by the manufacturer” and since Hydes sell them with hanks then they have to be sailed with hanks (even if they serve no useful purpose). As I often do when Guy gets over-excited, I ignored him – but reluctantly I have to accept that he’s probably right on this.




    I am even more over excited now that I know I am ignored by you Ed…. I do hope you are entering the champs this year as I feel a petulent scrutineering mood coming on! Better have those original jib hanks with you.


    Sorry to disappoint, Guy. We shan’t be at the Champs this year. Moving back to blighty this summer though, so no excuses for next year


    Steven Greaves

    Can I suggest we just get the sails supplied without them from now on? We can pass through the class at the agm to prevent Guy bursting a blood vessel, that and movable jib fairleads which guy likes to ignore!



    Tony Thresher

    Good plan.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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