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    Andy Weir

    Hi there,

    I’m finally going to be putting on my newly crafted transom this weekend…

    … on the guide I got from Steve Graves, it suggests a big fat fillet – is there anything in the rules to stop me using a smaller fillet & glass tape for the join?

    Is glass tape reinforcement on seams allowed in general?


    Tony Thresher

    Hi Andy,

    The only rule I can find that I think just about allows eoxy filletts

    D.3.1 a Wooden shells shall be constructed from wooden laminations bonded with
    waterproof resin which may have a non-reinforced protective layer applied to
    their surface. The transom shall be solid.

    If we read waterproof resin as epoxy fine but obviously no mention of glass tape or indead material to turn epoxy into filletting paste in fact the opposite.
    However many wood Fireflies have used epoxy filletts and glass tape for repair and renovation over many many years so its about time they were specified as
    legal materials. Obviously something that was missed in the rules rewrite a few years ago. The transom shall be solid perhaps should also change to made from
    solid wood or plywood just to be clear.

    So I’d rather not officially answer your question with yes or no.



    Andy Weir

    Hi there Tony,

    that’s the rule that I read – which pretty much implies pure epoxy (no additives).

    I suppose any structural work should be re-measured…

    … and an epoxy fillet/tape wouldn’t add any “substantial extra stiffness, or other, advantage” in comparison to the 1″ square lump of wood I removed…

    … so, if it’ a generally accepted method of repair, it’s a case of convincing a measurer…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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