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    Bevin Buehler

    Hello everyone,

    I would very much appreciate any input that I can get regarding my Firefly. I am very new to sailing but am looking forward to changing that in the near future.
    Four years ago I traded some work time for a very tired Firefly. I have finally gotten it more or less seaworthy and would like to get it on the water.
    It has a fibreglass hull with built in floatation compartments, wooden decks, mast and boom. Quite a lot of the fittings are bronze and some are aluminium.
    Would anyone have an idea when it was manufactured? I could not find any identifying marks on it.

    The other thing that is a bit of a bind is that the sails that came with it have gone missing after we moved. I would like to get a set of servicable, used sails to get started, if possible. Would anyone have a suit of decent sails available for sale?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Have a wonderful day!




    Bevin – thanks for your enquiry, and welcome to the zany world of Firefly ownership! On behalf of the National Firefly Association, I care for our building and membership records dating back to 1946, and can hopefully tell you something of the history of your Firefly, but I really could do with the sail number.

    Any chance of discovering this, even if her sails are now mislaid? It might be engraved somewhere on the hull, perhaps on the thwart, or centre-line? Or is there a name painted on the transom? Or can you recall the name of her previous owner, and perhaps which club she was sailed from? Where are you intending to sail the boat from?

    As she is grp built with a wooden deck, I rather suspect she might have been built by Porter Brothers, Emsworth, Hampshire, which would date her to the early/mid 1980’s with a sail number in the F3400 sort of range. Basic question, I know, but what colour is the hull?

    Thinking about sails for her, a suit is presently advertised on our Classifieds section; otherwise, I am sure other owners with spares will soon be in contact with you. Suggest you also keep an eye on ebay and perhaps the classified section of

    both these sites always display ads for the class

    Hope we can identify your Firefly!

    Best wishes … Peter Lanham … NFA Boat Register

    *** Anybody out there who can help with sails? ***



    PS – have a look at the recent post, August 14, from Ben Lumbly!

    Regards …. Peter



    And a second PS – have a look at the post from Alex Hirst, 25 July!

    Cheers …. Peter



    Are you still after a suit of Firefly sails by chance, I have a couple of suits that would be fine for cruising / racing at club level. Let me know, and I’ll check them carefully for suitability. Guy

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