Join The National Firefly Association

How to Join the NFA

The National Firefly Association Membership Secretary is Ali Smith. To join the NFA, please simply download the form below:

NFA Membership form 2020-21

The best way to pay is by standing order which means the money leaves your account every January and you do not have to post cheques, as well as ensuring you get the discounted rate! However we understand you may not be ready to join yet, so why not sign up for a mailing list – we promise you won’t be spammed!

How much does it cost to join the NFA?

Full Membership is £30 for an individual and £50 for club/institution or family  for the year. Renewals received by the 31st January or by Standing Order attract a £5 discount

Why should you join the NFA?

The Firefly class has had a thriving class Association for over 70 years organising events, newsletters and ensuring that subtle changes to the class rules allow it to stay relevant whilst also maintaining the competitiveness and integrity of the old boats. The moulds for the boats are owned by the Association.. not the builder. The events are organised and often underwritten by the association, but this costs money and we get our income from membership and royalties on new boats.

Joining the NFA means you are part of supporting a legacy of encouraging sailing participation. We are proud that the NFA is  one of the most active class associations in the country. Quarterly the NFA produce the Firefly Bulletin it is normally about 10 page colour magazine with race reports, open meeting details, what is going on in the class, rule changes and the best way to keep ahead of what is going on in the world of Firefly Sailing. The bulletin is the envy of many classes and is always a good read full of information and photos.

Discounts on sails

As a member of the NFA, you also get discounts on Firefly Sails from Hydes as follows:

New Sails – 15% off Air Freight and 25% off Sea Freight if bought through the NFA. To order sails please click here for more information

When do I have to join?

To sail at a Firefly Event the helm has to be a member of the NFA. We encourage and would love everyone to be a member at all Firefly Open meetings. At certain events we strictly police it and you can not sail without being a member. These are the nationals, the inlands and RNVR Team Racing.

Being a member of the class means that you can vote at the AGM and be involved in important decisions that affect the class.

We look forward to seeing you join the National Firefly Association and if you have any questions please do hesitate to get in contact with Ali Smith or anyone else on the committee!