New Sails

12th August 2021: New sails for next season. GET YOUR ORDER IN NOW!!!

If you want to order new sails for next season through the NFA  you should get your order in NOW!!! Hydes current sea freight delivery estimate is April/May 2022 and this is likely to advance very quickly. Our sail maker has had an unprecedented surge in orders recently and this combined with production, material and shipping difficulties in current circumstances have caused a major slipping of their standard delivery times for both air and sea freight.

The NFA have today pre-ordered 6 sets of racing sails for April 2022 sea freight delivery in order that members who want sails for the beginning of next season are not disappointed! So if you want new sails in the near future  please do order them NOW so that we can get more on pre-order for the May, June or July containers.

Hyde have also indicated that there will be a 3% or likely more price increase very shortly. This on top of the 3% increase last year that the NFA absorbed means that it is prudent for us to raise our prices by 5% for all orders taken after the end of September 2021.


Click on the Sails tab for further information and how to order.