NFA Committee 2016

National Firefly Association Contact Details


Ed Smith –


Vice Chairman (help with coordinating Vines Trophy)
Chris Kameen –


Honorary Secretary and Trophies Secretary
Alannah Hebbert –
18 St Clements Court, 60 Arundel Square, London, N7 8BT.


Honorary Treasurer
Johnny Bickford –


Honorary Membership Secretary
Fiona Edwards –
07964 667945


Honorary Sailing Secretary (incorporates Clubs Liaison)
Ben Green-



Honorary Technical Secretary
Guy Davison and Alex Baxter –


Steve Greaves & Jane Hudson –


Firefly Bulletin
Jim Bramley –


Andy Weir –


Sailboat Coordinator 2015
Guy Davison  –
07790 034613 – 01497 831486


Nationals Social Events Coordinator
Jenn Lamb


2016 (70th Anniversary) Nationals Coordinator
Jim Bramley –
07720 270851


New Sails
Tony Thresher –


Student/BUSA Liaison 
Charlie Fitzgerald –


Schools and Universities
Andy Cornah –


Team Racing Advisor
Steve Tylecote –


Rondar Liaison
Stuart Hudson & Guy Davison –


General Members
Chris Guy & Dan Vincent –


Northern Area Representative
Southern Area Representative
Barney Smith (Hamble River SC) –


South East Area Representative
Neil Banks (Chipstead SC) –


Western Area Representative
David Sincock (Restronguet SC) –


Eastern Area Representative
Mike Steele (St Edmunsbury SC) –


Midland Area Representative
Keith Macauley(South Staffs SC) –


Boat Register & Historical Records
Peter Lanham –