Official Notice:- Firefly National Championships 2020 – COVID-19

The NFA committee has been closely monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus and the related government imposed measures limiting travel and social interaction. At this time, it remains unclear to what extent these measures will continue into the summer months, although it does seem likely that some restrictions will remain in place. 

Against this backdrop of uncertainty, the committee are trying to assess the feasibility of going ahead with the Firefly National Championships, scheduled to take place in Torquay from 1st to 7th August 2020.  In particular, the committee are mindful of running a national event that encourages competitors to travel long distances at a time when non-essential travel may still be discouraged and the extra burden that an influx of sailors may place on local services.  The committee is also dealing with the more practical consequences of lockdown and the negative impact this is having on the organisers’ ability to communicate and take decisions relating to the event. 

The committee is in contact with RTYC, because any decision will need to be made in conjunction with them.  At this stage, however, it is, in the committee’s view, too early to make a definitive decision. We will therefore continue to plan on the basis that the Championships will go ahead but in the knowledge that there may come a time (which could be sooner or later) when it either becomes impossible or impractical to run an event in compliance with social distancing or other applicable restrictions.

The committee does not think it helpful to set a deadline for making a final decision.  We will, of course, communicate any decision as quickly as possible once it is made. Any decision to go ahead with the Championships will also consider any necessary modifications to the format (e.g. race schedule, courses, limited social activities, late entry fees/dates etc).

Best wishes to all Firefly sailors, and their families, loved ones and friends in these unprecedented and difficult times.

The National Firefly Association Committee 

28 April 2020